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Daffodil Daughters
Daffodil Daughters
Acrylic and Paint Pen
10x10 inches

Happy Spring Equinox beauties!!

The inspiration for these seahorses arose while my hands were grubby in the beautiful soil at our home. Planting seedlings, taking care of the raspberries and prepping garden beds for growing food this year.

I am inspired by the wildness and spontaneous daffofil placements throughout the property... wanting to split and spread the bulb clusters in the fall, so we are surrounded by even more beauty next spring.

Also feeling the wild plants in the forest beside us.... Im wishing to bring those beauties into our lawn to rewild and increase food security as well as access to herbal medicines.

Really enjoying how my seahorses are coexisting with local flora within my paintings lately... this cross pollination is symbolizing how caring locally is caring globally for the planet and vice versa.... one earth to protect. So many ecosystems.

Blessings to all of you.💛💛💛